Thursday, February 6

:: my favorite rug pad

Since moving into our new home, rugs & rug pads have become very important....
especially good ones that do what they are supposed to & actually hold a rug in place. 
With wood floors in nearly every room in the house minus two baths, plus two very energetic dalmatians who think it's their job to ruffle my rugs {especially this round woven rug at the bottom of our stairs}. Cooper {our big puppy} loves to leap from the third step landing on the rug & sliding it across the floor into a heap.....he seriously thinks it's his job {it makes him so happy}....for me it was more than a little irritating & a pain to constantly fix....


with my new super duper RUG PAD {what what}

This new rug pad keeps my rug perfectly in place & it doesn't budge.

I LOVE's true, i'm in love with a rug pad.

I've tried several rug pads in the past and this one is by far my favorite & it works better than any other I've ever tried, especially those cheap ones that look like shelf liners sold in most stores.

This rug is for use on multiple surfaces even carpet, one side is smooth & a little tacky, and the other is rough a little like velcro & it grabs the rug & holds on tight. It's nice and thin so it doesn't leave the tale tale pad line under your rugs. I have a couple of the heavy duty ones & while they work okay, they show under the rug because of the thickness....not too pretty.

Now, I cannot attest to the way this works on carpets because I have none, but I'm willing to guess that it probably does just what it says & works on every surface perfectly.

I'm so glad to have found this rug pad

It's DALMATIAN tested & MOM approved.

You can check it out HERE.

The opinions I am sharing are entirely my own based on my own experience. I am receiving no compensation for sharing these opinions ( though some free rug pads would be nice ; ).

{peace, love & hugs} 
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Saturday, February 1

:: vintage glass & silver

s i m p l e   b e a u t y

A vintage bottle collection & heirloom pocket knife 
grouped on a tarnished silver cake stand.

Love this corner of my desk.


{peace, love & hugs}
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Wednesday, January 29

:: mr. bushytail

Todays little visitor... Mr. Bushytail. 

I'm so glad to have wildlife in my backyard again.

We have bunnies, deer, owls, squirrels, woodpeckers, doves, and a variety of wild birds.

We may only have a little corner of forest in our backyard, but it's full of life.

He & his Mrs. like to drop things on me while I'm lying in my hammock...

I just love looking up and watching them scurry through the trees & into their nest.

Happy Snow Day

{peace, love & hugs}

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Tuesday, January 28

:: birds & snow = happy

Watching the birds & snow falling are two things that make me very happy.

Finally we get some snow in our new's ultra fine, but accumulating. 
I'm praying for bigger flakes & to wake up in the morning to a winter wonderland.

I love 




I'm blaming the blowing snow & distance through windows for the bad photos,
I still had to share though...because there is nothing better than watching birds & snow fall.

Is it snowing where you are?

{peace, love & hugs}

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Thursday, December 12

:: it came, it came


Our new faux tree was delivered last night. I couldn't wait to get it up & in it's place, so on went the Christmas music & out came the decorations. I generally like to make more of an event out of decorating the tree, but this year it felt just fine to let it happen organically, no fuss & it's done.

Whew, checking that off my list feels good.

I have to say I'm really impressed with this tree, it went together easily, it has a great shape & is so full. I especially like that it has two types of branches, including lovely pinecones. As far as decorating goes, we're sticking with our traditional ornaments we've collected over the know...the special ones. Do you have a special ornament tradition?

It's our families tradition that every year we each pick a new ornament for the tree. It's lots of fun to pull them out, remember why we picked them, and place them on the tree once more.

This years picks

Papa : A wise owl ( they didn't have anything Carolina Panther's  )

Mama : A little house ( in honor of our new nest )

Phoebe : A little knit fox (our animal lover)

Noah : A video game controller (our gamer)

Ashley : A little bird ( leaving the nest & flying across country today )

I still have more holiday decorating to do, bows to make, presents to about you? 

Are you all set & ready for Santa?

{peace, love & hugs}

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Wednesday, December 11

:: orb - it

Lately I have orbs on my mind. Orb Chandeliers to be exact. I'm trying to decide on one to replace a less than lovely ceiling fan in my new living room. I've known since I moved in that an orb was what I wanted for the space. I'm not one to make quick decisions, so I've been doing my due diligence researching orb chandeliers that I could love in my home. Below are a few options I've come up with. If you know of others, do share. I figure now might be a good time to buy since so many stores are having christmas sales & I'm looking for a good deal.


This jute orb is actually one of my favorites, unfortunately it's no longer available
(kicking myself for waiting). I like the texture of the jute twine ( one of my favorite things ), and also the realistic look of the candles with drippy wax and silicone bulbs.


I like the Ballard Orbs, they have several finishes to choose from and they have good reviews. I personally would lose the crystal ball at the bottom...... & luckily it's removable. So this is a contender for sure.


This strap orb is quite interesting, although maybe a little too heavy & masculine for my space. I do like it a lot though for the right room.


I adore all things TWIG, so of course this caught my eye immediately. Still not sure if it's quite the right look for my space. I could so see this on a screened porch ( hmm, maybe I can find a place for this one after all. )


I really like the simplistic style of this light with it's bare Edison bulb, very cool...though possibly to spare for my taste with it's single bulb. This one though is a contender & the price point is perfect.


Last, but certainly not least Foucault's Iron orb by Restoration Hardware. This is truly where my obsession with orbs began, this one has had my heart from the beginning, I just haven't decided to let it have my purse strings yet. I sometimes believe however that it's best to go with your gut and in the end it's important to have what you love even if it costs a little bit more.

So, which one is your favorite?

Here are a few photos of my new living room... I just took these shot sans tripod and it's late afternoon with little natural light so it looks a bit drab. I almost hate to share because it's still a work in progress & looks a bit unfinished & plain. I would love to hear your opinion on the light choices. Maybe you would even suggest something totally different.

Would love to hear your thoughts on overhead lighting for my room.

{peace, love & hugs}

lighting can be found here
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Tuesday, November 26

:: million dollar baby

It's all about the kitchen

a dining room with water views

a huge room for lounging with guests after a day on your yacht

a lovely room for the ladies

and one for the gents

a lovely sauna

grab a vintage from here

or maybe you prefer a more intimate space to unwind 

you can live the dream here

Your cost....a mere $49,500,000

for a lovely little 11 bed / 18 bath / 22,000 sq ft home

and I thought I dreamt big... 

{peace, love & hugs}

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